Additional QC Checks to Perform on Quarter 3, 2023 XML Files Before Submission
folder_openData Submissionscalendar_todayPosted October 24, 2023

Due to the HHCAHPS Survey reordered response options for the race question (Q31) starting with the Q3, 2023 survey data, it is strongly recommended that HHCAHPS Survey vendors complete additional quality control (QC) checks on Q31 data before submitting. In particular, vendors should focus their attention on comparing the counts of their Q3,2023 race response categories against those data from previous quarters to ensure that their survey systems are accurately capturing the reordered race responses.

This QC check is important for vendors to do because, while the ordering of the race categories has changed, the numeric range of the response options (1-5) has not changed and consequently will not be detected by any online data submission validation checks.

Please contact the HHCAHPS Survey Coordination Team via email at or call toll-free at (866) 354-0985 if you have any questions.