HHCAHPS Coordination Team Quarterly Review (CTQR) Newsletter – July 2023 Edition
folder_openOther Announcementscalendar_todayPosted July 3, 2023

The next issue of the HHCAHPS Coordination Team Quarterly Review (CTQR) newsletter, which provides information about HHCAHPS to home health agencies and survey vendors, has been posted.

This quarter’s issue features snapshots of the reordered race response options for Question 31, so they appear in alphabetical order. Vendors must implement this new format beginning with the July 2023 sample month. We also show the streamlined CATI INTRO2 script and “next-of-kin” instructions. This quarter’s CTQR also includes public reporting updates.

CTQR newsletters are posted on the HHCAHPS website and updated quarterly. You can navigate to the July 2023 newsletter located under the General Information tab on the HHCAHPS website or click this link: CTQR Newsletter – July 2023

The CTQR does not replace any source of information currently on the HHCAHPS website; instead, it highlights important information for readers each quarter. We encourage you to visit the HHCAHPS website for more information on the items mentioned in this newsletter: