Revised Vietnamese CATI Scripts (INTRO2 and Next of Kin) have been posted
folder_openChanges to Survey Materialscalendar_todayPosted April 4, 2023

Revised Vietnamese CATI scripts that reflect the following CMS-approved changes are available through the “Survey and Protocols” webpage. The changes made were motivated by feedback RTI received during the 2022 mode experiment. All revised CATI scripts have now been re-posted.

  • Regular and proxy CATI scripts: streamlined INTRO2 by removing redundancies.
  • Regular CATI script only: added new “next of kin” instruction and script.

Details about the new next-of-kin protocol can be found in the February 28, 2023 announcement when the revised English and Spanish CATI scripts were updated.

Survey vendors are invited to adopt these script revisions at their earliest convenience.

If you have questions, please contact the HHCAHPS Survey Coordination Team via e-mail at or call toll-free at (866) 354-0985.