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Each Medicare-certified home health agency must complete the following steps to register for credentials to access the private links on the HHCAHPS website.
  • IMPORTANT: If you already have Survey Administrator credentials, please log in with your credentials and use the "Register CCNs" link to register a new home health agency under your account.
  • In the form below, type in the name and contact information of the person your agency is designating as its Survey Administrator. All e-mail communications from the HHCAHPS Coordination Team will be sent to the person that your agency designates as its HHCAHPS Survey Administrator (at the e-mail address that you provide below). Click the "Submit" button to register.
The person whose contact information appears below will be responsible for adding or removing users to this account. If you do not wish this person to be the designated Survey Administrator for this agency(ies), please provide a different contact name and email address.

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